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Scarlet and the White Wolf is a series of fantasy novels by author Kirby Crow.


The story of Scarlet and the White Wolf takes place on the fictional continents of Nemerl, mainly the Southern Continent (Kalas Lyn, in Sinha)
and the far and frozen northern continent of Rshan na Ostre. The main characters are Scarlet, a young traveling pedlar, and the compelling,
worldly stranger he meets at the top of a mountain: the bandit chieftain Liall.

At first, Scarlet considers Liall his enemy. As the series progresses, they become traveling companions, friends, and finally lovers, weathering
many dangers and life-changing events together. The story of Scarlet and Liall is a classic romance of opposites, intrigues, adventure, and
discovery, where the lovers just happen to be men.

An adventurous trek through a harsh fantasy world filled with myth, magic, earthy heroes,
relentless villains, and an unconventional relationship that shines a new light on a beloved old fable.

When Scarlet returns home to his village of Lysia, he's warned by Kev that a Kasiri band of outlaws is blocking Whetstone Pass and charging a toll for travelers. Since the Pass is the only comfortable route to take on foot without going around the entire mountain, Scarlet realizes that if he wants to get to Khurelen, he'll have to deal with these outlaws. He makes his way up the Owl's Road to the Nerit, and finds the road blocked by Kasiri. There he meets Liall, atya of the Kasiri. Scarlet's manner is haughty, but he is willing to pay Liall the toll. Despite that, something in his manner annoys Liall. The chieftain refuses Scarlet passage and sends him packing.

Morose but determined, Scarlet tries to sneak pass the camp at night and is quickly captured. Brought before the Wolf's, he finds that the toll has risen. This time, Liall informs the outraged pedlar, the price of passage is a kiss.

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