“I saw something odd, today.” Scarlet began to relate the story of the man he had mistaken for a tree.
“Ah, yes. That is Melev, one of our most honored residents at the Nauhinir.
“Melev. Is he a Shining One?” Scarlet asked with some dread.
Jochi laughed. “Indeed not. Melev is an Ancient, but that will take more explanation than we have time for at the moment. See? The great hall is just there.”

- Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Land of Night, page 21.

An Ancient would be a giant compared to any man in Nemerl, taller by a head than the tallest Rshani, which would make them 7 and half feet tall, at the least. Their skin is amber-toned like a Rshani, and they have very large, colorless eyes that Scarlet likens to moonstones. Their hands have four joints in each finger, making them able to bend them at extreme angles and allowing them to climb tall cliffs and make handholds in even the steepest mountainsides. They wear little clothing, usually only a bit of cloth around the middle for the sake of Rshani modesty, and are universally male and bald. They are impervious to cold or the elements, and said to be extremely long-lived. If they stand very still, they are often mistaken for bare, wind-blasted trees.

Only one Ancient has died in living memory. They possess extraordinary powers of healing and perception, as well as great technological and engineering knowledge.

The Rshani call the Ancients their ancestor-race and claim they are descended from them, but none knows how or why, or at least they will not say. Rshani revere all Ancients and hold them in awe. Byzans believe Ancients are Shining Ones and fear them greatly. The Ancients built the fortresses of Starhold and the Blackmoat , as well as the Temple Road.