Cadan was an Aralyrin brigand and former Kasiri of the Longspur krait under the atya Liall. It had long been rumored that Cadan was a murderer exiled from Rusa, but without proof, Liall was reluctant to execute judgement. Being an exile himself, Liall and Cadan had struck up a friendship of sorts, one that baffled truer friends like Peysho . The strange friendship ended when Liall interrupted Cadan in the act of murdering a traveling merchant woman and her daughter. Furious, Liall drew his knife and disfigured Cadan, but refrained from killing him on the spot. The krait assembled to render judgement, and Cadan claimed that the woman was an enemy of his family that given false testimony against him in Rusa, resulting in his family's downfall and his own exile. The killing of the merchant woman was judged a result of blood-feud, but because he had killed the merchant's young daughter as well, the Kasiri no longer wanted Cadan in their midst. He was exiled a second time, and Liall swore that if he ever encountered Cadan again, he would kill him.

After being exiled from the Kasiri, Cadan found work in the Byzantur army of Regulars, but held a grudge against Liall. He followed the krait's progress and shadowed their movements for years. He saw a chance to pin a crime on the krait when he encountered a young Hilruin pedlar (Scarlet) at odds with Liall. He attacked Scarlet in the forest above Lysia, intending to murder him. Scarlet was saved by Liall, who wounded Cadan with a thrown axe. Cadan fled into the woods.

Months later, when Scarlet met Cadan on the road by chance, Cadan was searching for the bounty on Liall's head and threatened to torture the information out of Scarlet. Scarlet called on Deva to escape, killing Cadan in the process.