Qixa is a Rshani mariner captaining the Ostre Sul, a brigantine that plies trade between Volkovoi and Sul. In Volkovoi, Liall chooses Qixa's ship to carry him back to Rshan. Realizing who Liall is, Qixa initially agrees, but balks when Scarlet comes aboard. Qixa says Liall's passage is assured, but he does not suffer lenilyn on his ship. Liall notes the state of the deck and observes that Qixa does apparently suffer rats and vermin, and another mariner remarks that better vermin than lenilyn. Matters look to be heading to a fight when Qixa intervenes, and Scarlet remains on board.

In time, Qixa comes to respect Scarlet and even hints that he could make a mariner out of him.

Captain Qixa was an Rshani commoner who had a passing acquaintance with a few nobles in Rshan, enough to recognize that the man who sat before him was no merchant down on his luck or a traveling dandy with affected manners. Liall bought Qixa a drink in a dank, wood-paneled taberna that was lit by swinging yellow lamps made from ships’ wheels. The crown of Qixa’s head, bald as an eagle’s egg, gleamed dully in the light. He was less tall than most Rshani, but had a broader chest and a longer reach. These traits bruited of his northern blood, the people of the Ged Fanorl.

-Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Land of Night, page 123