Alexyin, a Setna
Annaya, Scarlet's sister
Bhakamir, the Queen's aide
Bureen, an Ava-Thule
Cadan, a brigand
Cestimir, a prince
Chos, a servant
Deni, Zsu's bother, a Hilurin. His family owns a shop in Tradepoint.
Dira, the whoremaster
Dvi, a Rshani servant
Eleferi, a prince
Eraph, Torva's mate
Esiuk, a Rshani curae
Faal, the mariner spy
Gedda, Scarlet's lost step-brother, son of Linhona.
Helain, king of Morturii
Hipola, the midwife
Jarek, khatai of the king's army
Jerivet, the potter
Jochi, a Setna
Jorlen, Linhona's first husband
Kev, the village Watch
Kio, Kasiri knifemaster
Kozi, childhood friend of Scarlet's
Laith, the whore
Lankomir, Liall's uncle
Liall the wolf / King Nazheradei of Rshan
Lindolanen, Nazheradei/Liall's father
Linhona, Scarlet's step-mother
Macek, an Ancient
Maret, a bodyguard and former Setna
Masdren, the leathersmith
Mautan the mate, a mariner
Mekit, a leathersmith
Melev, an Ancient
Nadei, Nazheradei's brother
Nadiushka, Queen of Rshan, Nazheradei's mother
Nenos, Liall's servant
Nevoi, Liall's swordmaster
Oleksei, A mariner
Osa, a hunter
Peysho, a Kasiri
Qixa, captain of the Ostre Sul
Ramung, an infamous prince in Rshani history
Rannon, a karwaneer
Ressanda, Baron of Tebet
Ressilka, daughter of Ressanda
Rufa, a taberna owner
Scaja, Scarlet's father
Scarlet/ser Keriss, a pedlar of Lysia
Shansi, a blacksmith's apprentice
Shikhoza, Lady of Jadizek
Teff Ferryman, a Hilurin. He and his sons run Skeld's Ferry
Tesk, the artist
Theor, captain of the guards of the Nauhinir
Vladei, Liall's step-brother
Yesuk, Cestimir's servant and driver
Zsu, Deni's sister. Her family owns a shop in Tradepoint