virca - A long-sleeved, knee-length, skirted tunic worn by men, usually over breeches and a light shirt. The skirt is slashed at the sides and back for freedom of movement and either pleated or hanging down in separate dagged panels. The sides are traditionally laced, not sewn, and the collar is either double-breasted with 2 rows of buttons or a simple scoop without ornament.

hapcoat - A knee-length overmantle open at the front, usually of a heavy material or quilted and lined. The shoulders traditionally have short "wings" that protrude an inch from the shoulders, and is either sleeveless or with very large sleeves to accommodate being worn over clothing, even a virca on very cold days. Often adorned with fur or jewels. Women do not wear a hapcoat, and for men they are considered to be less formal than a virca.

"Only men, it seemed, wore the hapcoat. They were long, somewhat slender coats with long tailored sleeves that came past the wrist almost to the knuckles. The coat itself, somber gray with silver stitches, was held closed by discreet ties down the side that ran from under the arm to the gathered waist, and from there the coat fell in folds and pleats to the knee and was left halfway open in front and in back."

tarica - A simple gown with a very full skirt, long sleeves, a scoop neckline, and a gathered empire waist. Worn by women.

moon hood - An ornate headdress worn by women.

""...most women wore arrangements on their piled hair that seemed to be wide, starched lengths of colored linen in the shape of large crescent moons, set with wire and beads and jewels into a fringed crown."


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