Food, drink, drugs and poisons.

Alcoholic drinks

Anguisange - Expensive green wine smoothed with herbs and aged.
Imbuo - Red liquor. Very strong.
Bitterbeer - Beer made with parsimy fruit, which is an orange, fleshy fruit containing decent amounts of alum. The beer is nearly black and bitterly pungent, almost stinging.
Ankarian wine - Yellow wine from Ankar. More mellow than sweet.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Che - An herbal tea. Comes in various forms, including rose, greenleaf (refreshing) and Ankarian (smoky).
Honeywater - spring water sweetened with honey.
Berry water - sweet water flavored with berry juice.


A typical breakfast in Byzantur consists of: bread, cheese, boiled eggs, fruits, sweet cakes (including honeycake), honey, salted meat. Other foods available on the Southern Continent iclude: furled apples, parsimy fruit, waybread, breads, cheeses, chicken, goat, oxen, hares, fish, oysters, wild birds, shellfish, fish, strawberries, honey, onions, and olives. Spices include: persa (a red-colored hot spice), olive oil,roses, vanilla and lavender.

Poisons and drugs

Rosethorn - Colourless, tasteless powder of the ground thorns of the roselip tree that can be slipped into food or drink. Makes the taker pliant and agreeable to nearly any command, no matter how outrageous. Highly-addictive. Withdrawal is extremely painful and distressing. Withdrawal symptoms include high fever, hallucinations, and crippling pain. Also called the Slavebreaker.

Centaury - A black, oily resin from a shaggy shrub grown in Morturii Volstland and the deserts of Khet, stored in vials. Either smoked or tasted. Makes the taker jittery or energized and impervious to pain. Taken in excess, it can produce hallucinations. Taken very carefully in measured doses with minute amounts of rosethorn by Minh and Morturii pit fighters to make them fearless, and sometimes by soldiers before battle. Withdrawal in advanced stages of addiction is deadly. In earlier stages withdrawal symptoms include sickness and memory loss.

Dreamweed - Rolled from the prickly leaves of the bellon plant. When smoked in a pipe, it makes the user lethargic and silly. No known adverse effects.