Dira is a middle-aged Kasiri who travels with the Longspur Krait in the position of whoremaster, which puts him in complete charge of the yurt of Doves and Flowers. In his younger days he was brother to the former atya, Zerain. After Zerain died from a knife-wound fighting the Bled, Dira supported Liall's claim as chief.

Reputedly of Minh ancestry, Dira's people were from Chrj. His mother had been captured in a Minh raid on the borders of Chrj when she was sixteen and later escaped, so there may be some truth to the rumors. It was common knowledge that Liall had plucked every dove in Dira's stable and sampled every flower, but he rarely bestowed his attention twice on the same beauty. A new dove or flower is always great source of interest in the krait.

Dira is known to be miserly but fair, and not above sampling his own wares with some frequency.