Fate Cards are cards of scrying owned by Fate Dealers. Fate Dealers are marketplace fortune tellers who are called often simply called Fates. They are invariably of Morturii descent and are thought to be seers, prophets, or wizards by their own people.

Fate Cards are large, plain black cards with white markings, often crudely drawn or amateurish in appearance. There are 30 cards in a Fate deck. Readings are done by laying the cards out in a "cup" pattern of 3 cards: 2 cards side by side, one laid cross-ways below the two, and a final 4th card hidden on the bottom of the deck. Beginning from the left, the first card is the Signet Card, which represents the questioner in context to their state at the moment. The second card is the Shield Card, which reveals what quality the questioner is using as a foil - or shield - either to cloak their true motivations or hide them from themselves. The Shield Card is considered the card of deepest desires, sometimes unknown to the questioner. The third card is the Scythe Card, which was placed below the other two (the bottom of the cup) and is turned up last. The Scythe Card is the card of recommended actions to cure, further, or quell the situation, depending on the questioner. The Scythe Card is often the last card in a Fate reading, but Fate Dealers will always ask if the questioner wishes to see their Fate Card: the fourth and final card. The Fate Card is dealt from the bottom of the deck. Not every questioner will want to know their Fate Card, and most will decline it, as this card reveals the will of the Gods for the questioner. The number four is also considered an unlucky number in Nemerl, as it is the number of fingers the ancient race of Anlyribeth possessed on each hand.