Nemerl has three main gods.

Represents a gentle aspect of love, generosity, compassion, peace, and family. Totem - scarlet vine. Her messenger is the redbird.

Is the more hardened aspect of the warrior goddess, defender of the hearth, and represents some of the more aggressive drives of Nemerlian nature, including wrath, battle, justice, and vengeance. Totem - crimson serpent.

Is the basest of the gods, symbolizing sexual lust, greed, drunkenness, domination, gluttony, and hedonism. Senkhara is the only male god of the Southern Continent. Totem - purely a phallic symbol.

The Shining Ones
The most ancient gods of Nemerl, the unknowable giants of creation who brought forth human form to the wilds. There are no temples to the Shining Ones in the Southern Continent, as many consider them to be myth only, and not worthy of worship, but a curious superstition persists about their legends, and people are still reluctant to keep idols in their shape or to swear by them. The legend goes that one day the Shining Ones will return in force to Nemerl "When the clouds burn and iron rains from the sky". Seers and fortune-tellers claim to hear voices from the Shining Ones, but this is thought to be purely fictional and all part of the hoax of prophecy.