King Helain anDaros Agalina is the fifteenth of his Line, king of Morturii and Volstland. He was not born the heir, being a second son, and gained the throne when his older brother Hedeon was killed by outlaws who stormed the Summer palace attempting to kidnap Helain's nephew, the pachem. The outlaws succeeded and the two-year-old pachem has been lost ever since.

Hedeon was a smaller man than Helain, and was not a soldier. Hedeon possessed the Lotus blood, which exists primarily in the royal line of Agalina but is now very rare indeed. The Lotus Morturii are shorter in stature, slender, dark-haired, and their smooth skin has a distinctive golden hue unlike any other, earning them the name Golden Lotus. The pachem Morturii was a Lotus, which the citizens of Morturii viewed as a very good omen. For failing to protect the pachem, Helain saw fit to exile Hedeon's remaining family (his older son, daughter, and wife) to a mean castle in Volstland, with little comfort and a pauper's income.

King Helain has been searching for the pachem ever since, and the people believe the luck of the kingdom will soon run out if he is not found.