A dark-haired, dark-eyed, pale-skinned race of Nemerl. Hilurin are small by most standards, the average male being around 5 feet tall, slender and willowy. Females are roughly the same size as the men. As their people are considered quite beautiful and as Hilurin males grow no hair on their faces, they are sometimes confused with each other, especially when young .For this beauty, the Hilurin are often hunted by the Minh and by outlaw Morturii slavers, to be taken and sent far to the country of Minh. Minh are the enemies of Hilurin and Byzantur, but Morturii have been known to trade with them both officially and outside the law.

Hilurin have abilities that other races in Nemerl do not: they can see in the dark and many are blessed with what is called Deva’s Gift, or the ability to create magic in a form they call withy. They can create a fire withy, healing withy, and withys of growing and making. It is also said they can communicate with animals. Hilurin have excellent reflexes and are physically very swift, to the point of being said to be able to vanish into thin air, though no Gift of this kind has ever been known.

It is said that the Goddess Deva only speaks to Hilurin of pure blood, and to none other. Sometimes, a Hilurin is born with their smallest finger missing on one or both hands, and that is considered to be lucky by Hilurin and dangerous by all others, as it is a mark of the old race of powerful mages called Anlyribeth that came to the shores of Byzantur thousands of years ago, and from which the Hilurin are descended.

Hilurin prefer not to travel and to stay close to their homes and families. Occasionally, a strange malady will afflict young Hilurin with the urge to journey far from home for adventure. Older folk call this wanderlust the Wilding, and it happens more often than some would like.

In spring, there is an entire month called Wilding, where cultural restrictions are relaxed and the festival to honor Deva commences. Ember is the three nights of the horned moon during Wilding, where young Hilurin have been known to be possessed by a kind of hedonistic madness of drinking, dancing, singing, sex, and orgies. As the Ember madness is considered to be ordained by Deva, there is no shame attached to it, though it is not spoken of during the rest of the year. Culturally, the Hilurin are thought to be prudish and reserved, distrustful of strangers and unwilling to marry outside of their own. If a Hilurin does marry one who is not Hilurin, their children are no longer called Hilurin, but Aralyrin: half-bloods. Once the blood of a Hilurin is diluted, they will always be known as Aralyrin, and no Aralyrin has ever been known to have Deva's Gift.