Jarek is a Rshani commoner who distinguished herself as a soldier in the early days of Queen Nadiushka's rule. She was a khatai (leader of the army; general) when Liall was young, and still held that post when he returned many decades later.

Jarek led the army during the Tribeland Campaigns of Liall's youth, and during that time she and Liall became lovers. The affair was short-lived. When Liall returned to court after the campaign, he resumed his engagement with Lady Shikhoza. Soon after that, Liall was exiled (at the time, presumably permanently) from Rshan.

When Liall's exile ended, Jarek professed a desire to return to their old affair. Liall told Jarek that he was bound to Scarlet and that it was impossible. Jarek then expressed surprise at discovering Liall to be truly in love with a Hilurin, giving Liall reason to doubt that she had been sincere in her advances. Liall is further confounded when Jarek warms him not to lie to Scarlet about the circumstances of Nadei's death, saying: "It’s a terrible thing to be deceived by the ones closest to you, Nazir. He may forgive your past. The present is another matter.”

After she leaves, Liall asks Jarek if she forgives him, but the room is empty.