Jochi is a Setna of a noble house of Rshan who serves the court of Camira-Druz. Though obligated to give up his family name for the duration of his office, it's common knowledge that he has some royal blood and is a cousin of Alexyin.

When Liall returned to Rshan after his long exile, queen Nadiushka sent Jochi and a host of guards to Sul to greet him. At Liall's request, Jochi plays the role of tutor to Scarlet, helping him to acclimate to Rshani society, teaching him their history and attempting to lesson him in their language and customs. Though Scarlet remains stubbornly Hilurin, he does take cues from Jochi's lessons on how to deal with the haughty Rshani.

Jochi is present at the royal hunt when Scarlet kills the snow bear.