Kasiri are a confederate of traveling peoples originating in Chrj and loosely held together by a system of harsh atya (chieftain) leadership, Krait Law, and the insular privation of a nomadic existence. There is no Kasiri race, but rather they are made up of many different peoples from all over the Southern Continent and beyond. In the majority, Kasiri are mainly Chrj, but there are Aralyrin, Morturii, Khetians, Arbyssians, and even Minh in their traveling bands, which are known as kraits. Kasiri welcome all types of exiles, no matter the crime, and once a man or woman is taken into the bosom of the krait, they take a new name and their crime is thought of as forgotten by the authorities, who usually cease efforts to bring them to justice. If their crime was particularly heinous or they escaped a very large debt, it is possible that some bounty-hunter may try to capture the person from the safety of their krait, but this is a dangerous enterprise and often futile: Kasiri do not give up their own and will fight to protect a new Kasiri just as fiercely as one born into the kraits.

There are no known Hilurin among the Kasiri, but there is no law preventing it.

Kraits travel together across the entire countries of Byzantur, Chrj, The Fens, and most of southern Morturii, making their way by trading, selling wares like cloth, spices, scarves, soaps and perfumes, jewelry, collecting "tolls" for safe passage through dangerous roads, hiring out as protection of caravans and shops, and small pilfering of all kinds. Kraits have been sighted in the Bled and as far north as Mona, but this is rare.

Despite their criminal overtones, most view the Kasiri as a harmless and colorful nuisance. There is a saying in Byzantur: better the devil in silk than the devil in hides, which means that the Kasiri are imminently preferable to the Bled. Although Kasiri are not above robbing foolish merchants or pinching the occasional horse, they do not condone murder, senseless violence, or rape. Because they are fierce enemies with the Bled and keep the roads clear of ravaging Bledlander bands, they are tolerated in most lands, as Kasiri merely rob and cheat, but Bledlanders kill.

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