Laith is a scrat, or common street prostitute that Liall encounters in the alleyways of Volkovoi while waiting for a ship to Rshan. Initially, Liall marks the close resemblance between Scarlet and Laith, but as soon as Laith moves into the torchlight, Liall realizes that the whore has gray eyes, not black, and therefore is not a pure Hilurin. The night is cold and wet, and when Laith coughs, Liall feels pity and offers him a gold coin. Laith addresses Liall by a Minh honorific (zadi) and inquires - in a Minh accent - what Liall would be expecting for such a great amount of money. Liall replies that he wants nothing more than for Laith to get warm and fed somewhere else, and Laith slinks into the shadows. Moments later, Liall is attacked by Volkovoi bravos.