One of the last scions of the Camira-Druz royal family, though not one of its brightest. Lankomir was half-brother to Lindolanen, Liall's father. He is also the father of Vladei, Eleferi, and prince Cestimir, and was prince-consort (not king) to queen Nadiushka after Liall's exile. Although Nadiushka married Lankomir shortly after Nadei was killed, she waited sixty-five years to produce an heir, giving rise to the rumor that she never stopped anticipating Liall's return.

Lankomir died within a year of Cestimir's birth, which caused yet more rumors about the true nature of his death, which occurred during a visit to the Blackmoat with his eldest son, Vladei.

Lankomir was gangly and dull, a poor student and a pathetic swordsman. He lived in the shadow of his capable older brother, Lindolanen. In his youth, Lankomir was not close to his brother, who openly despised him and mocked him as a weakling. At the feast of Lights, Lindolanen gave a festival present to his brother in front of witnesses. When Lindolanen opened it, there was a jester's cap and a motley cape, and Lindolanen was heard to say "A man should dress according to his calling, and I would not see you lesser clothed, brother."

Lindolanen was reportedly in fear of the queen when he was called to court to be her husband, and said he would refuse the honor she offered him. He was pressed to take his place as prince-consort by relatives. He never lost his great awe of Nadiushka, but she often sent him from court on long journeys to far baronies, carrying trifling matters of state that could have been handled by any petty functionary. Nadiushka much preferred the company of her son's tutor, Alexyin, and that of her handsome courtiers, and never spent more time in Lankomir's company that she strictly had to.

When Cestimir was born, she sent Lankomir away permanently to Uzna. No one ever heard Nadiushka disparage him openly, but among the personal articles she sent from the Nauhinir was a motley cap and jester's hat.