Scarlet's step-mother. Scarlet's real mother is unknown and never named in the novels.

As Linhona relates in a story to her daughter Annaya , she met Scaja shortly after arriving in the village of Lysia while working at Rufa's Taberna, Scarlet was "a fussy, thumb-sized boy" crying at Scaja's table. Linhona picked the child up and kissed him, and Scarlet stopped crying. Shortly afterward, Scaja and Linhona were married, and Annaya was born.

Linhona had previously been married to an Aralyrin named Jorlen and had two children; a gray-eyed boy named Gedda and an infant daughter. She had lived far north of Lysia, in the Byzantur lands closest to Minh. Her daughter and husband were killed when Minh raiders attacked their village, and Gedda was taken captive. The village was burned and Linhona never saw Gedda again.

Linhona lived in peace in Lysia for 13 more years, until Bled raiders attacked Lysia, burning herself and Scaja alive in their home and razing the village. Annaya was rescued by the Kasiri of the Longspur krait