A former Setna and disgraced soldier of Rshan, now attached to King Nazheradei's household as a bodyguard and captain of the keriss solda.

Maret is described as a man with high brows and a straight, narrow nose. His arms are scarred with slash marks and he has a thin silver scar circling his left eye socket like a crescent moon, the end trailing down his cheek. He has long white hair crowned with a deep widow's peak, with two streaks of gray framing his face. Maret dresses plainly and wears an iron breastplate habitually. He displays his serpentine Setna badge conspicuously and is never without a sword and bow. Upon meeting him, Liall notes that Maret's eyes are dark blue, but in certain lights they seemed to turn black.

Maret reputedly never misses with his bow.

"You were in command of a cohort of men under khatai Jarek. You refused a direct order to put a village to the sword, and the next month the village you so benevolently spared joined with the Ava Thule rebels in the Tribelands and put half of the small-holder farms in Uzna Minor to the torch, along with the farmers. Do I have that correct? Your life was spared and you were sent to the Setna to learn better sense. Do you think you've learned anything?"

- (Liall) Scarlet and the White Wolf: The King of Forever, page 29