Masdren is a Hilurin leathersmith working in the great souk of Ankar. He was Scarlet's employer during the cold seasons, when traveling for a pedlar is difficult, and an old friend of Scaja's. A Hilurin living in Ankar is uncommon, but not rare. Many liken the look of the Hilurin as similar to the Lotus Morturii.

Masdren has five children by a Hilurin wife, but she left him to run off with an Aralyrin scarf merchant. This may be why Masdren left Byzantur for Ankar, as the shame of a broken marriage is hard for a a Hilurin to live down.

It was Masdren who bought Scarlet the generous gift of a pair of matched Morturii long-knives that Scarlet carries with him northward to Rshan. On his last trip home before Scarlet is forced to leave Byzantur, he speaks of remaining in Ankar to work for Masdren full-time, but that never happens.