The eldest son of Nadiushka and Lindolanen, born one year after their marriage. Nadei was killed by his younger brother, Nazheradei, by misadventure after a bear hunt. There was a quarrel over whose spear actually took the snow bear. Nazheradei did not take the argument seriously until his brother turned insulting, accusing him of lying about the strike and using his huntsmen to cover his lies. A scuffle ensued that was half in jest until Nadei pulled a knife. Nazheradei, trained in the army, reacted purely by instinct and turned the knife on his brother. It struck him in the thigh, and purely by accident severed the large artery. Nadei bled to death at the base of his mother's throne.

Nadei was reputed to have a high temper, easily insulted, insecure in his qualities as a prince, and pridefully stubborn. He was also in love with the lady Shikhoza, one of the most beautiful women in Rshan, who was promised to Nazheradei.

Though some say that Nazheradei should have been executed for the crime of kinslaying, the queen could not find it in herself to have her last son killed. She decreed that he would suffer exile instead, and sent him to live in Kalas Lyn (Byzantur) for the next 63 years.