An elderly Rshani who is a retainer to the House of Camira-Druz. Nenos cared for the rooms of the princes Nazheradei and Nadei in their boyhood and probably knows them at least as well as their mother. Though a commoner, Nenos is a very proper old gentleman who strives to maintain an atmosphere of propriety in the royal household.

When Liall returns to Rshan, he is overjoyed to see Nenos once more. Nenos takes charges of Liall's apartments and sets them in order, and in particular is kind to Scarlet. Scarlet - knowing that a competent servant knows very well how to make guests feel either comfortable or unwelcome - is grateful to Nenos. For his part, Nenos seems to be genuinely fond of Scarlet.

One day a white viper - an essima - is delivered in a red box to Liall's apartments.

“Who killed it?”
“I did,” Nenos answered calmly. “I noticed it when I returned from fetching herbs from the apothecary on the ground floor. Cestimir sent me on an errand, saying the queen herself had insisted on this herbal tincture being mixed for ser Keriss’s health. When I came back, both Prince Cestimir and ser Keriss were gone.”
Gone? One thing at a time, Liall thought, forcing himself to remain calm. “And you opened it?”
“Of course, my prince.”
“For all you knew, I could have left this gift for Scarlet,” Liall pressed him, merciless in his fear. “Why did you open it, servant?”
Now Nenos squared his shoulders in grave offense. “That box was not here when I left, and I am charged with all that occurs inside these apartments. I open every package, listen to every conversation, no matter how intimate. I am not charged with merely serving your che, my prince, I am your servant, and you asked me to guard the lad.”
In the face of Nenos’s righteous anger, Liall wilted. The man was right. Liall placed the lid carefully back on the box and returned it to Nenos, bowing. “I have rewarded loyalty with suspicion. Forgive me. You could have been killed yourself, opening that.”

-Scarlet and the white Wolf: The Land of Night, page 134