Oleksei is a Rshani mariner and a crewman aboard the Ostre Sul during Scarlet and Liall's four-month journey by sea to Rshan. Oleksei is smitten with Liall during the voyage and openly contemptuous of Scarlet, whom he considers sub-human, a pet of Liall's and barely fit to breathe the same air. He is offended that Liall displays affection and shares a cabin with Scarlet, and his taunts and insults turn dangerous when one day he finds Scarlet alone on deck, unaccompanied by Liall.

Oleksei drags Scarlet belowdecks where he and several other mariners attempt to rape him. Armed with a sword, Liall drops in through a hatch and stops the attack. Holding a blade to Oleksei's throat, Liall asks Scarlet if he wishes him to kill Oleksei. Scarlet says he doesn't want Oleksei's death on his conscience, and so Liall has Oleksei and the other would-be rapists publicly whipped for their crime.

Oleksei also appears in the storyline of Scarlet and the White Wolf, Book 4.