Peysho Ar'sinu is a Morturii professional soldier turned Kasiri. He is 42 years old. In Falx, pey sho means red star, and he bears a red mark like a small star in his left eye from a thrown mace. When Liall left Byzantur, he turned the leadership of the Longspur krait over to Peysho, who had served as Liall's enforcer for five years.

Peysho saved a kind-spoken soldier of noble blood many years his younger - Kio -from a death sentence in the Morturii army while they were in Ankar. While rescuing Kio, at least one soldier standing guard was killed, making Peysho an outlaw. He and Kio later became lovers and traveled throughout Byzantur and Chrj together in many outlaw camps before joining the Kasiri in Chrj. They've been together ever since.