The name of the Rshani language is Sinha.

"Degala sr esu?” : "Do you understand?"

edas : please

“Edsite’ hnn?” : "Excuse me?"

fanorl : northern, north

Fanorl Nauhin : The Northern kingdom of Rshan, literally; North-Shine

hinir : bear

iaresh - beauty

jesut’srr : precisely.

kalas : southern

Kalas Nauhin : the Southern kingdom of Rshan, literally South-Shine

keriss : a small red flower that grows on the cliffs of Kalas Nauhin. the flame-flower

khatai - battle-leader

kir : of, or belonging to

me'em - title of honor for a woman

na ostre : without light

nauhin : shining; bright or glittering like a star

nauhinir: shining bear, bright bear

orna : hot

ostre sul : light in the darkness, or light where there is none: The aurora lights of the northern sky

Pail'aa sest Nauhin : "For the Shining Ones."

Rshan na Ostre : Literally; "land without light"

"Sange hun’esk hinir,” : "Blooded by the bear." A term for a hunter wounded by the snow bear, if he survives.

sanja : bloody, also: guilty

“San ma suenma." : "You are correct." literally: "You have caught it"

ser - title of honor for a man

shey : later. A word with connotations of "later perhaps" or "If I choose."

sul : dark, darkness, midnight or night time

"Sun man’an neth tueth degal." : "I do not understand." literally: "I do not-cannot understand."

sunge ocaru: "the blood speaks" Refers to the characteristic white hair, dark skin, and pale blue or golden eyes of a Rshani of pure blood.

sunya : star

surya : small star/little light, like a candle flame or a distant star

terg : eggs