A wainwright, the father of Scarlet and Annaya, husband of Linhona. He was married before Linhona to another Hilurin woman, but nothing is known about her and she was gone or dead before Linhona came to live in Lysia.

Scaja was born in Lysia to a hunter named Herec and his wife Oraya. He had two brothers: Leran and Haral, who went east before Scaja was grown and never returned. Herec died hunting when Scaja was fourteen and Oraya soon after, some said of a broken heart. The bones of the moon cat that killed Herec are buried under the threshold of Scaja's house.

Scaja married Linhona when Scarlet was less than 2 years old. Linhona and Scaja died together when their village was attacked by Bledlanders.