The Setna are a brotherhood of Rshani men sworn to keep the knowledge of the Ancients and guide the noble houses of Rshan for the good of the kingdom.

The Setna were created in the years after the Ancients built the Temple Road to the sea, when the children of the Ancients (the Rshani) were led from the protection of Fanorl into the harsh lands of the frozen northern continent. The brotherhood were gifted by the Ancients with the knowledge necessary to sustain life in the north It was the Ancients who built the fortress of Blackmoat to house the Setna and their knowledge.

A Setna may be of noble or common birth. While he is a Setna, a man may not marry or commit to a family or children. He is expected to direct all of his intelligence, energy, and will toward the good of Rshan and the noble house he serves, although serving any noble house comes second to serving the royal house of Camira-Druz.

The Setna are considered servants of the realm, but they have rights that no commoner can claim, such as access to the royal court.
Because the Setna oversee and operate the Blackmoat - which is their ancestral home - they are inextricably tied to the economy of Rshan and their word carries much weight when it comes to making trade policy and financial decisions. The worth of the Blackmoat alone is estimated to be more than that of the entire Southern Continent.