Lady of Jadizek and once the promised bride of King Nazheradei. The betrothal ended when Nazheradei killed Nadei, his elder brother and the crown prince, and was exiled for it.

Lady Shikhoza is one of the highest-ranking ladies at the court of Camira-Druz, and one of the most beautiful. Scarlet glimpses Shikhoza and believes she is the "coldest, most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with pale gold hair and eyes like chips of ice."

Shikhoza loses no opportunity to belittle Scarlet when he comes to court, and openly questions Liall about his commitment to a lenilyn. During his first formal dinner with the queen and nobles, she tricks Scarlet into delivering a deadly insult to one of the barons at the table, and Liall has to intervene when the baron draws a weapon. She also tries to mock him in a scene at the library, pointing out to the attending nobles that Scarlet is an illiterate peasant.

In the end, Shikhoza must choose whether to follow her resentment to her own ruin, or come to Liall's aid when Scarlet goes missing. Predictably, she makes the choice that serves her best.