Rules of Conduct for Noble Hilurin
Nobles owe blood-allegiance first to Deva, then to the Flower Prince, then to Byzantur.
Every Noble male, able-bodied or not, has a responsibility to volunteer in the Guard or the Royal Army for a term of no less than one year and not more than ten.
Nobles are obligated to tithe a portion of their wealth to the Temples, such portion to be determined by agreement with the Archpriests of Deva.
The titular head of each Noble House shall be entitled to a seat and voice in the Court of Nobles.
The Court of Nobles shall stand ready to assist the Hyacinth Court in the dispensation of the nation of Byzantur, its roads, sewers, public works, defense, and all facilities.

Nobles may:
-Command service, of any sort, of any slave in Byzantur, unless the owner of the slave is Noble. No slave may refuse a Noble request, unless the request will result in harm of any kind to be brought upon any Noble, or unless his or her Master is also a Noble and has expressly forbidden the slave to be lent. A Noble owning a slave has the right to refuse a request from any other Noble, except in cases where such refusal would endanger the life of nobility. In no case may a Noble request use of a khuri of any Noble or Prime household. Any appropriated slave shall be returned to their owner within a day and a night. Nobles shall take all care to notify lower-class owners of slaves that their property has been appropriated.

-Command limited services from any Common or Prime within Byzantur borders. The types of services Nobles may rightfully demand of these classes are shelter, food, drink, physical aid, healing, housing, refuge, sanctuary, transportation, a loan of coin to the limit of 50 sellivar, (provided the lower class possesses it), and –if needed- is given right to expect the lower class to protect him from harm or danger of any type. Failure of the lower class to provide any of these services will be severely punished.

-Command levies from the tenants on their lands and properties, payable in silver, copper, goods, or services, as decided by the Noble.

-Give lawful commands to members of the Guard and Army, with respect to proper escorts, protection, and in emergency situations.

Nobles may not:
-Marry without the joint permission of the head of their House and the Flower Prince.

-Marry any person of less than pure Hilurin blood, documented for 6 generations.

-Take the wives, daughters, or sons of any other Noble without permission. Such permission is not to be coerced.

-Execute punishment upon any member of the Prime class without first addressing the Court of Primes. The Court of Commons need not be consulted for a Noble to execute reasonable punishment upon Commons or Slaves. The Court of Nobles shall define reasonable punishment.

-Engage in murder, rapine, brigandige, or treason, either against the State or the Flower Prince.