To Scarlet’s mild surprise, it was not a Kasiri who menaced him eight days later on the lonely riverside road outside of Sondek, but a grizzled Bled. The fierce, bearded warrior eyed Scarlet as he
walked by on the rocky path, and Scarlet’s hand tightened on his leather pack and he fretted at the thought of the good pouch of silver coins hidden in his belt.

The Bledlander’s excellent knives and the ragged scars covering his bare chest recommended him as a skilled fighter, and Scarlet got a good look at both before giving the man a cursory nod and
hurrying past. The spot between his shoulder blades tingled as he left the Bledlander behind, but he resisted the urge to look back. The Bled were like dogs: show them an ounce of fear and they’d be
all over you.

-Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Pedlar and the Bandit King, page 10

Bledlanders, known commonly as the Bled, inhabit the barren Bledlands south of Khurelen, in a large stretch of desert near the Channel. While in the Bledlands, they travel in ragged, savage groups led by a single "lord" who maintains control of his followers by sheer ferocity. Outside of the Bledlands, they hire out as bravos in Volkovoii and other disreputable towns, and as trackers to some armies. They are tolerated to some degree in Byzantur, so long as they do not travel in groups. More than two Bled seen traveling together would undoubtedly draw attention, and the Aralyrin army is authorized to wipe out any roving Bled bands they find inside their borders. The Bled possess a complex tribal law somewhat like the Kasiri, and though both the Bled and the Kasiri are nomads, one must never be mistaken for the other. Kasiri are mortal enemies of the Bled, and while the Kasiri are known for thievery, shady deals, and imposing illegal tolls and tariffs on roads and goods, the Bled are known for burning villages and slaughter.

An unnamed band of Bledlanders is responsible for the razing of Lysia.