Yesuk was an aged Rshani commoner, once a northern Ava Thule tribesman. He was tall and quite stern-looking, very terse and rarely spoke, but was known for his fierce - sometimes even vicious - loyalty to his prince, Cestimir. In his younger years he had served as bodyguard (some said nursemaid) to the infant princes Nazheradei and Nadei, but later was removed from his post when his Ava Thule connections were known. He was replaced by Alexyin, who later served as tutor to the princes. Many years later, Alexyin was appointed to serve and educated prince Cestimir, while Yesuk was relegated to a post as Cestimir's sleigh driver. Yesuk never resented his position and seemed to be genuinely fond of Cestimir, who was a bit of a rogue himself.

Yesuk served the house of Camira-Druz until his death on the very same day Cestimir was killed. The prince's sleigh had been sabotaged by agents of Vladei, and Yesuk was driving when it overturned on the Temple Road, killing him instantly.