In the lands of the Southern Continent, courtesans are not prostitutes and prostitutes are not courtesans. The ranking of sex-workers in Ankar and Byzantur is strict and usually unbending, as flesh is cheap anywhere and those who have found some value in this system guard it jealously.

At the top of the order are khuri. Khuri are the jewels of great houses; specially-trained slaves owned by the master of the house or estate, or the lord or even the lady, and meant to showcase the kind of flesh the house can afford to own. Above all, a khuri is beautiful, but many are trained from a young age to be especially pleasing, to read, write, to speak well, to play music, serve che and to dance, and above all to be graceful and seductive.

Below the khuri are the bhoros, the highly-trained pleasure-boys of the bhoros houses and common brothels. While not so educated as the khuri, they can often be more beautiful. Bhoros can be free or slave. Approximately half are slaves, but any good bhoros eventually earns enough to free himself. The bhoros who are slaves are usually patronized by a small circle of paying admirers, and the ones who are free normally have one rich patron who either reserves the bhoros for his own use or supports him in other ways while the bhoros remains at will to accept other clients. Many bhoros are famous in their own right, owning houses and jewels and even slaves of their own. Many great salons and elegant tabernas are open to them, as well as operas, playhouses, and even royal courts. The female equivalent of a bhoros is a ghilan.

Kimon, a celebrated bhoros in Rusa, was once heard to say: "Better to be a bhoros for ten lifetimes than a khuri."

Below the bhoros are the doves and flowers. A dove is a common male prostitute housed in a lower-class brothel, and is always a slave. Often beautiful, usually illiterate, the doves are visited by soldiers, laborers, middle-class merchants and tradesmen who can't afford the high prices of a bhoros house.

Occasionally a dove will catch the eye of a rich merchant or slaver and becomes a bedslave, but the master still holds absolute control. When asked, most doves will respond that many men is better than only one, for one can use you up or get tired of you or turn on you, and then who knows what can happen?

A scrat is the lowest of the low: a street whore with no master, no patron, no house or brothel to belong to, and no protection. Scrats are routinely preyed upon by city guards, roving gangs, and thugs too poor or too cheap to pay for a dove, or who simply wish to abuse a whore - an act they could not get away with in a brothel. Scrats are illegal in all parts of the Southern Continent, but they still exist. They're viewed as pests and carriers of disease, little better than rats, and have little if any protection under the law. A beggar is viewed with more charity in the streets. Truly, there is no lower level to sink to than a scrat.