A great white bear with golden eyes native to Rshan. Though not the largest terrestrial carnivore in Rshan, it is the largest outside of the glaciers and deep interior. The Rshani consider the snow bear a forest beast. It likes caves and hollow hills, and stays near the coastlines and southern forests where it can feed and hunt. A male snow bear can weigh over 2,000 lbs and measure over 14 feet in length. It has small ears and bright golden eyes, and a vividly white coat of short, dense fur. It's claws are also white. They have only fair eyesight, but an extraordinary sense of smell.

Only the female snow bear is territorial, and her cubs are always born in pairs. To see a mother bear with only one cub is considered bad luck.

In the myth-pantheon of Rshan, the snow bear is revered next to the Ancients, in a complicated lineage that somehow includes the bear in their list of ancestors. As such, a snow bear hunt is a formal ritual that must be undertaken with solemnity and must follow certain protocols. No snow bear is ever simply eradicated, not even those animals who threaten villages or roads. The word for bear in Sinha is hinir.

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