There are five main languages spoken in the Southern Continent and Rshan: Falx, Bizye, Taluk, Kaijhye', and Sinha. Taluk is the language of Chrj, Kaijhye' (kai-EE-zhey) is spoken exclusively in Minh. Sinha is the Rshani language, Bizye is the language of Byzantur and Falx is the language of Morturii. Byzan and Falx are not similar languages, but there has been a great deal of mixture between the two close countries over the centuries, leading to many words in each language being adopted into the other.

Qaha is a complicated gutter patois of Falx and Kaijhye spoken by bandits, Bledlanders, Kasiri, and some Minh, and not considered a true language.

Nearly all noble Rshani speak Bizye as well as Sinha, though a great many commoners speak passable Bizye as well.