Ressanda, baron of Tebet, whom some call Ressanda the Red, is the father of Ressilka. He is described as "a bearded, heavy-set man with a blunt manner", and openly allows his daughter to sit in on his councils and trials. Though not of pure Rshani blood himself, his wife was Winotheri, one of the last princesses of the pure Druz. Although Ressanda has no claim to the throne of Rshan, many in Tebet believe his daughter does.

Ressanda had ambitions to marry his daughter to the late prince Cestimir, further strengthening the bonds between Kalas Nauhin and Fanorl Nauhin. Now that Cestimir is gone, Ressanda looks to the last male of the Camira-Druz to make the sensible connection, but finds that way blocked by an unlikely opponent in the form of a Hilurin peasant.