A popular meeting place located in the village of Lysia According to description, Rufa's is a large, wood-framed taberna or tavern, where locals gather to drink bitterbeer, eat, play darts, smoke, gossip and trade news, and where the rare traveler can find a clean room for a decent price.

Nearly every man in Lysia spends a handful of nights a month at Rufa's, either to have a bitterbeer or meet with friends. Female patrons are less frequent at Rufa's, but there is no restriction barring them from entering as much as they like, although any Hilurin woman who spent too much time at Rufa's would be suspected of not being quite proper.

Rufa herself is not expanded in the novels, but she is taken to be an older Hilurin woman who runs her quiet taberna with a velvet fist.