"Tesk,” said one tall courtier –they were all tall!– in a silken virca that seemed to be made entirely of intricate embroidery.
He stuck out his big hand for Scarlet to shake and spoke without preamble. “I am an artist. You must allow me to paint your portrait.”
Scarlet was so taken aback at hearing Bizye and being given a name that was not nine syllables long that he shook Tesk’s hand before Jochi could stop him. “Scarlet,” he answered, remembering that at least.
“Oh, you need no introduction, ser Keriss. We all know who you are.” Tesk glanced at Scarlet’s hand, which was engulfed by his, and turned it this way and that. “So small. Such color. Are all Anlyribeth like you?”
“Your pardon?”
Tesk said something in Sinha and Scarlet could only look at him blankly, a little intimidated by the line of people waiting behind Tesk, and wondering if there were going to be more misunderstandings with language. Scarlet tried to gloss it over. “Well, anyroad, nice to meet you.” Tesk smiled and Scarlet saw that he was handsome and resembled Liall a little. “Just Tesk?” Scarlet asked, retrieving his hand.
“First meetings are so fragile. Why burden them with impossible names?” Tesk shrugged andthe green peacocks embroidered on his collar moved up and down.

-Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Land of Night, page 50

Tesk is a Rshani painter and courtier at the court of Camira-Druz. There are many hints that Tesk is a spy, and Liall becomes openly annoyed when Tesk finds reasons to speak to Scarlet. Liall feels that Tesk is altogether too taken with Scarlet's company .