Former baron of Uzna-Minor in Rshan, the son of Lankomir and (). Vladei is a half, first-cousin to King Nazheradei of Rshan, but also his step-brother, since Queen Nadiushka married Vladei's father (Lankomir) after Nazheradei was exiled. Vladei is the son of Nazheradei's father’s half-brother. Queen Nadiushka solved a particularly thorny situation regarding the succession by marrying Vladei’s father soon after Nazheradei was exiled, but waited another 65 years to produce an heir, when she had lost all hope of Nazheradei returning. Executed by Alexyin after he murdered Prince Cestimir in the temple ruins.

Cestimir is the son of Nadisuhka and Lankomir. Nazheradei and Nadei are the sons of Nadiushka and Lindolanen