Ranged weapons (arrows, crossbows etc) are rarely used in Nemerl, and are considered cowardly: the weapons of spies and assassins.Even owning a bow for the purpose of hunting is dangerous, as it will cast criminal suspicions on the owner.

Forged from black iron by the famed Morturii metalsmiths. Usually straight but can be curved in the Minh style. Blade length approximately the distance from elbow to fingertips. This is the standard weapon for most people, including the standing armies of each country.

Kri (throwing knife)
A very short but heavy knife designed especially for throwing at close range. Incredibly sharp and well-made, but not favored by fighters. Kasiri have been known to use kri extensively.

A short, stabbing weapon like an ice pick with no edge, a serrated area near the haft for catching and breaking daggers, and an adequate hand guard. By men, it is used with a small, round shield. Easily wielded by inexperienced fighters. If a woman carries a weapon, it is likely to be a sperret.

A short blade with no handguard, made for quick fighting, stabbing and slicing.

Favoured by the Rshani, these massive swords are made for massive men. Very few of them exist in the Southern continent. The only ones that do are relics from Rshani shipwrecks or heirlooms of the Agalina kings.